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  1. What a lovely Christmas feel there was to this event, which was run to raise money for the Nursery.  Christmas music, decorations, trees and excited children - the perfect recipe for getting seasonal.
    It was a really nice afternoon and I met some great people and even did some of my own Christmas shopping!
    It was good to see old friends (Helen) and meet new contacts (Christina) and to talk to everyone who enjoyed this Event.  There was a nice selection of stalls - well done to Lucy and Faye.
  2. What a lovely evening we had last night.  Karen and Sue invited us to take a table at their Christmas Shopping Event.  The drive there, through Canterbury in the rush hour, was slow the roads clogged up with the usual traffic, but it was worth it when we arrived in Lower Hardres.  Some tables were already in the process of being set up and the Christmas feel was evident.  Thankfully I took along our Christmas Tree and decorated it with our own beaded baubles.  It was lovely too to see some familiar faces from other Fairs, Jill and Claudia. 
    The doors opened at 6.30pm and the hall was soon packed with people.  Not only is it great to sell our jewellery, but to hear the comments from people is a wonderful boost.  Lorraine wasn't able to come, so my husband John came with me.  He thought he would be bored stiff and even asked if he should take a book along!!!  Well, I have to say all of you who came along kept him really busy.
    I met some really lovely people - the raffle at around 9.00pm was held, no we didn't win but there were loads of prizes, all donated by the stall holders on the evening.
    Finally, it was 9.30pm, time to pack up and go and, boy were my feet aching.  But we both, yes John too, enjoyed it immensely.  A big thank you to Sue and Karen for running such a well organised and well thought out fair.