On this page I have started to upload a Gallery of some of my work and beady activities, take a look.
Photos below of our 2019 Exhibition at The Fishslab, Whitstable
Exhibition 2
The amazing talent of Chloe 
Exhibition 4
exhibition 6
Exhibition 5
Exhibition 7
Exhibition 3
Exhibition 8
I call this Mulled Wine, in delicious Merlot colours.  Looks fab with a LBD during the festive season!
Mulled Wine Mulled Wine - my own design.
  Bird Shell Pendant with peyote stitch circles and a right angle weave chain (my own design)
Lace The Ukranian Netted Necklace and earrings, from a pattern by Glenda Payseno
 Beading around a drop bead for paisley effect from Diane Fitzgerald's pattern
Red Harlequin Red Harlequin necklace with Swarovski crystals (my own design)
scissors case
 Delica bead scissors case (my own design)
zig zag amulet
 Zig zag amulet purse in tubular peyote stitch (my own design)
peyote circles
  Peyote stitch circles necklace and earrings (my own design)
even count peyote tube Tubular Peyote stitch (my own design)
netted amulet  Netted Amulet with fringe (my own design)
amulet purse
 Another zig zag amulet purse (my own design)
Tila Amulet  Tila bead amulet purse (my own design)
Italian Garden"Italian Garden" bead embroidered necklace my own design.
 This is a piece of Bead Embroidery I did and I call her Olive the Owl - such a  relaxing project!
This lovely necklace is taken from "The Beader's Floral" Book by Liz Thornton and Jill Devon - the blossom flowers were a delight to make.
Rivoli Bracelet I made this gorgeous Rivoli Bracelet whils preparing for the "capturing a Rivoli" workshop.  Such sparkle!